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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-071 SEM BPT PI TO P IV JULY 2022BLDE(Deemed to be University)
2022-071 SEM BPT PI TO P IV JULY 2022BLDE(Deemed to be University)
20221 SEM BSC BIOTECHNOLOGYJULY 2022BLDE, (Deemed to be university)
2022-071 SEM BSC BIOTECHNOLOGYJULY 2022BLDE(Deemed to be University)
2022-071SEM BSC AHS Anatomy JULY 2022BLDE(Deemed to be University)
2022-071SEM BSC MICROBIOLOGYJULY 2022BLDE(Deemed to be University)
2015-10Abdominal Actinomycosis in Male Patient- A Case Report.Arakeri Surekha U, Sinkar Prachi
2018-04Aberrant Thyroid in the Parapharyngeal Space.Sharanabasappa Rudragouda Malipatil, Ciju K George, Isha Vidisha, Ravindrakumar Ningappa Karadi.
2008-07Abnormal Dilatation Of Right Ureter Found During Routine Cadaveric Dissection.Sumathi S, SD Desai.
2013-07Absence of Forearm and Hand - A Rare Case Presentation.Dayanand BB, Monish Bami, Deepesh Daultani, Yogesh Mapari.
2024Acalabrutinib as a novel hope for the treatment of breast and lung cancer: an in-silico proof of conceptKulkarni, Prachi
2020Acardiac twin: a commonly missed diagnosis.Neelamma Patil, Megha D Hittinhalli.
2023Accessory and Cavitated Uterine Mass in a Perimenopausal Female.Mamatha K, Neelamma Girish Patil, Pratyusha Karukola.
2018Accessory Belly of the Plantaris Muscle and its Clinical RelevanceGavishiddappa A Hadimani, Ishwar Bagoji.
2013Accessory Muscle of Pectoral Region: A Case Report.BM Bannur, Nagaraj Mallashetty Preetish Endigeri
2012Accessory navicular bone- A radiological finding and discussion of its clinical presentation.Desai SD, Sahana BN, Monish Bami.
2017Accuracy of magnetic resonance imaging in differentiating benign and malignant causes of vertebral collapse.Satish Patil, Santosh Patil, Soumya S Patil
2014Acomparative study of intravenousdexmedetomidine and midzolam used as a premedication for laparoscopic surgeries under general anesthesiaShivakumar, Mutnal
2018ÔÇťAcoustic Radiation Force Impulse Elastography For Assessing Liver Fibrosis In Alcoholic Liver Disease"Hittalamani, Iranna Mallappa
2019Acoustic radiation force impulse elastography of liver as a screening tool for liver fibrosis in alcoholic liver disease.Iranna M Hittalamani, Bhushita B Lakhkar, Ramesh C Pattanashetti, Bhushan N Lakhkar.